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Building Stronger Communities Together

Block Power is a nonprofit organization dedicated to partnering with other organizations to support Ambassadors in their mission to engage their family members, friends, and neighbors.

We are Block Power

We aim to foster community-driven initiatives that build health, wealth, and power. As elections approach, our focus intensifies on activating these Ambassador networks to expand voter outreach and increase civic engagement, ensuring every voice in the community is heard and valued.

Our Mission 
Empowering Communities Through Technology
 At Block Power, our mission is to address systemic inequities by empowering underserved communities through innovative technology solutions. We create white-label mobile apps that provide the tools, resources, and support necessary to build health, wealth, and power, fostering vibrant and resilient communities.

Join our community and stay up-to-date with the latest news, events, and initiatives.



Join us in making a difference. Your time and skills can help support our health, wealth, and power programs, and contribute to building stronger communities.



Your contributions help us empower communities. Every dollar you donate goes directly to supporting our programs and initiatives.



We work with a variety of partners to amplify our impact. Interested in partnering with Block Power? Learn more about how you can get involved.